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About Accubreed

AccuBreed monitors mounting activity that is universally regarded as the gold standard and primary sign in heat detection behavior. It does not monitor secondary signs of heat.  It is a real time mount detection system.

AccuBreed can operate in any breeding situation or geographical layout, whether cattle are 100 feet away or miles away.  Because of this amazing range, AccuBreed can be used is every situation from a confined milking string to a large, remote pasture setting.  While most of its competitors transmit signals around 300 ft. AccuBreed can send signals well over a mile making it ideal for rotational grazers, grass fed beef producers and pasture based operations.

AccuBreed units (transmitters) need never be opened.  The transmitters are rechargeable and can be recharged up to 500 times. AccuBreed’s proprietary data storage and dual antenna array can be configured to collect mounting data and transmit it in virtually any geographical setting.

AccuBreed is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Operating at greater than 95% accuracy (defined as correctly diagnosed heats) and efficiency (defined as correctly capturing mounting activity), AccuBreed represents a true productivity tool for the breeder in that it provides the following benefits: